It looks like we may never get out from under this awful winter weather.

According to our friends at CBS2, "A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect Sunday evening, lasting until Monday morning. Wind chills of -20 and -35 are possible."

I can only say one thing: THIS SUCKS!

Tonight will be a good time for you to snuggle up with your significant other and watch a little television. There is no reason to leave the house. Order a pizza and's gonna be cold.

Monday won't be much better. The highs will only recover into the single digits, but we will see sunny skies. As the week continues, the weather slowly warms up. This weekend we could see a high of 35, but there is also a concern of another major snow storm. Here we go again!

My parents live in Arizona. I'm so tempted to move down there and be done with this lousy weather. But I have a feeling I would miss Iowa.

Well, maybe not that much.

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