As you've probably heard by now, I got roped into another stunt on the KRNA Morning Show.

You might not call me completely innocent as I reluctantly agreed to it. But, our latest promotion is to "Win a Date With KRNA's 40-Year-Old Virgin". That would be me. (The things I do for these guys...I am nothing, if not a team player).

I fought really hard to leave that last part out, but I've admitted it, publicly, and it's out of the bag. I was told it wouldn't be quite as "exciting" if that part was left out. But don't let it stop you from entering. Just to be clear, it's the least important part of this promotion. What you'll win is a ticket to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert October 13th in Cedar Rapids, dinner at Q-Dogs BBQ Company, a limo ride and some chocolates and flowers, all while being accompanied by me for the evening. I promise I'm a really fun and cool guy.

I hope to have a really good time with a nice girl and maybe make a new friend. Those are my parameters for this contest, and since I'm the guy in the crossfire, shouldn't I get some say?

Head to this link for details on how to enter. I look forward to meeting you and possibly, enjoying a night in your company!


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