It's hard to believe but weed will be legal in the great state of Illinois starting on January 1, 2020. This is the day we all have been waiting for, and it's almost here!

Actually, I'm not much of a pot smoker. The last time I got high was in Kansas City at a Guns 'N' Roses concert back in 2016. Pot was never something I did much of. I've always preferred drinking over smoking.

Living in Cedar Rapids, I'm just over an hour from Illinois and it's a pretty quick trip. But something all of us need to remember that live here in Iowa:

You can't take it with you!

Marijuana legally purchased in Illinois cannot be taken across state lines. It is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. So this could be a problem for smokers here in Eastern Iowa.

So, where do we go to get high?

I know some states there are dispensaries that have on-site consumption areas, but I'm not sure about Illinois. But your vehicle is an extension of your home, right? So as long as my home ain't rolling, you're good to go!

Public consumption of pot is prohibited under law. That means you can't just whip out a joint and start smoking it at a park or walking down the street. It's like booze in that regard, I guess.

So, will you travel to Illinois to get high?

Comment below and we can discuss your answers later this week on the morning show!

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