First of all, I'm not trying to start any rumors. However, I do have a simple solution regarding the drama surrounding Steve Perry and Journey......Hear me out.

Journey is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on April 7, 2017. It's very likely that Steve Perry will join the boys for a song that night in Cleveland. He has to, it's the biggest night of the bands career. Do it for the fans, we all want this to happen.

If Mr. Perry does decide to jam that night with the group, they would need time to rehearse. But there's one problem, Journey is on tour that week. They have shows in Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. These shows lead right up to the big ceremony on April 7th, at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

So this is my idea: Why not invite Steve to jam with the band three days prior at the show that's happening on April 3rd, in the Quad Cities? It's in the middle of the country, on a Monday night. This isn't Los Angeles or New York, it's Moline. TMZ won't be anywhere close to the venue and the band can practice a few tunes in front of a very "forgiving" Midwest audience. It's a perfect safety net and makes all the sense in the world. They can iron out any kinks and get back into the groove. We won't judge if it's not perfect, I promise.

Getting to this part of "God's Country" is no problem and flights into The Quad City Airport are very inexpensive. After the show is over, Steve can hop on the Journey tour bus and road trip to Cleveland. I'm sure the band would love it. They could reminisce about the old days and have a couple of beers. Best friends, together again.

That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. I've sent a copy of this blog as well as a 94.1 KRNA bumper sticker over to the Journey management team. I've also let them know I'm available for rides to and from the airport. I'm here to help.

Nationally syndicated DJ Eddie Trunk recently spoke to Journey guitarist Neil Schon about the possibility of Steve Perry hooking up with the band prior to the induction. It doesn't sound promising, but check out the link below and keep your fingers crossed!

[Source for audio: Eddie Trunk, Trunk Nation]

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