The obvious answer of course is that, as Iowans, we all feel deeply if not directly, connected to the Tibbetts family of Brooklyn, and we're all praying for Mollie's safe return.

It seems the missing 20 year old has likely been abducted and no one is surprised that law enforcement is tight lipped, not revealing all they know, in hopes of solving the case.

This has led to a near-obsession of sorts for many people to investigate and theorize on their own to help solve the mystery...and it has nothing to do with the reward money for most. It is about helping our neighbors and offering hope in what many feel is a hopeless time.

The local media has been respectful of the police investigation by mostly releasing only official statements and known facts. But there are some who believe withholding too much information might hinder the progress.

Brooklyn IA via Google Maps
Brooklyn IA via Google Maps

Reddit pages with theories and aggressive reporting from sources like Fox News are revealing the public's increased desire to know more.

The Crimestoppers reward money has increased to $260,000 with hopes it may compel someone who knows something the incentive to talk.

If we all continue to keep the investigation in the forefront of our day-to-day activities, we hope that we will in some small way help and contribute to finding Mollie and aiding in her safe return home.

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