Over the weekend, I stopped at the Kwik Shop at 2904 Center Point Road in Cedar Rapids. I needed a coffee, and the cat needed food. I put my items on the counter and was greeted by a very nice woman. Before ending the sale, the woman tried some "suggestive selling" on me. It's very common in gas stations here in Eastern Iowa.

But I was a little surprised at what she was encouraging me to purchase with my cat food and coffee. The woman asked, "Do you need any gas, or maybe a pack of cigarettes?"  Wait...what?

I told her, "That's kind of weird. Do you ask everyone if they need cigarettes?" She quickly answered, "Well, not the minors." I was shocked. And how did she know I wasn't a minor? I'M NOT THAT OLD! But more importantly, why is she asking if I need smokes?!

I wasn't offended...not at all. I was more surprised and disappointed that this very reputable convenience store chain would stoop so low, as to encourage their employees to upsell customers to a pack of Marlboro Lights.

I smoked for over twenty years. I wish I hadn't, but I did. The last thing I ever want someone to ask me is if I ever want another cigarette. It was one of the hardest addictions to quit and I never want to go back.

But really, it's just tacky. What's next, asking if I need some rolling papers and a 40 of Malt Liquor? Maybe a dozen lottery tickets and some condoms to go along with my Meow Mix and Folgers Special Blend?

In wrap up, I say this: We know you sell certain things at your store. I'm an adult and if I choose to purchase such things I will ask for them.

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