Jaymz Larson here, and once again, I'm asking for your assistance!

I want to know from you, our LOYAL 94.1 listener......who makes the strongest mixed drink in Eastern Iowa? Is it a local bar? Is it perhaps a dive bar? Or, is it a chain restaurant? I just want to know where to direct my Uber driver this weekend!

You see, I've always been a beer drinker. For many years, that's all I drank. But, as I've gotten older, vodka has become my drink of choice. I like ALL kinds of vodka, from the premium Russian stuff, right down to the cheap stuff like Hawkeye and 5 O' Clock.

The problem is that I'm tired of getting weak, watered down drinks. Half the time, I wonder if they forgot to add the booze! It's very frustrating.

That's why I'm posting this blog. Please comment below and inform me on where I can find a stiff drink 'round these parts. I'll review your comments on The KRNA Morning Show this Friday at 7:45 a.m. By then, I'll know where I'm going this weekend to enjoy a few drinks. Maybe I'll even run into you there......CHEERS!

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