Hairball is coming back to Cedar Rapids next weekend. The band covers Van Halen, AC/DC, Motley Crue, KISS, Twisted Sister and plenty more with a dazzling show filled with smoke and fire, video, pyro and costume changes on Saturday November 18 at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.

For every band they cover, they attract a different kind of fan. Which Hairball fan are you?

Head Bangers: You're a hard rockin' headbanger from the 80's who comes from a long line of rockers with long hair. You feel completely comfortable wearing spandex. You've still got big hair and have purchased at least one can of Aqua Net this year. You laughed out loud the first time you saw a dude with a man-bun. The second time you scowled.

Gear Jammers: Your hands are always dirty and greasy, you change oil, fix brakes and replace transmissions on the job. You remember the '74 Plymouth Fury and the old Chrysler 442 v-8 engine. At night you come home to rock out on the drum set in the garage with a mini fridge filled with Miler High Life. You wear a wallet chain. You own a Harley and you go through road warrior withdraw every winter when you have to park your baby in storage.

Metal Heads: You had braces in the 9th grade and the nickname stuck, thanks to the the Judas Priest and Dokken posters stuck on your high school locker. You owned every cassette by Quiet Riot and were the go-to guy for heavy metal mix-tapes. You blew out the speakers of every boom box you ever owned. you were the first guy in high school to get a tattoo, but quickly regretted the barbed-wire around the worries a little more ink turned that into a bad-ass dragon like you once saw on the Kung-Fu TV show reruns.

Party Rockers: For a girl you could really hold your liquor, which made you quite popular. You followed the Motley Crue reunion through the entire Midwest leg of their '89 tour driving your Chrysler K-Car though three staes and two time zones in hopes of securing a Vince Neil autograph. Good thing your parents stopped you on the 12th night of your travels or you might have caught a nasty STD from the roadie you were warming up to, trying to score backstage passes.

Jaymz Larson and Mike Ferris will give you the chance to be the KRNA Hairball VIP with tickets, backstage passes, a meet n greet AND a trip to the merch table with a $100 tab! Listen to call in and win free tickets and qualify for the grand prize weekdays at 7:30 during Grand Larsony on the KRNA Morning Show.

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