The summer concert season is upon us and Eastern Iowa will soon be hosting several big shows at various arenas and amphitheaters.

Tom Petty and Joe Wash play Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines on June 5th.

In between those two shows, on May 24th the U.S. Cell Center welcomes Boston and Blue Oyster Cult to Cedar Rapids.

My question: Is this the best we can hope for?

There are no classic rock acts scheduled yet this year for the McGrath Amphitheater.

And with no disrespect to Willie Nelson or Diana Ross (both of whom are scheduled to appear at McGrath Amphitheater this summer) I would like to ask you which classic rock act would you most like to see in Cedar Rapids? 

It's understandable why CR doesn't get the huge, major tours passing through. But if you had a magic lamp, which band or artist would be on your wish list of stars that could light up the stage at the Cell Center, the Paramount Theatre or the McGrath Amphitheater?

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