I was talking to my friend Bobby the other day and we got into a discussion about local auto racing. I asked him, "who has the best dirt track in Eastern Iowa?" He simply said, "all of them." That didn't help at all.....so I told him to just name a few.

He said his top five were (in alphabetical order) Boone, Dubuque, Independence, Marshalltown, & Vinton. I asked him why, and he answered very quickly, "the track & the fans."

You see, I don't know much about local racing. Even though I moved here over 20 years ago, the only 'track' I ever visited was Hawkeye Downs. And that's not even a dirt track anymore! I really need to broaden my horizons and I need your help.

So, I'll ask you this question: Where is the best local DIRT track in Eastern Iowa? I'm looking for a cold beer, a good hot dog and some killer racing. Comment below and we can discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show!


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