We have a lot of casinos in Iowa, 23 to be exact. No matter what direction you go, you can find a spot to place a bet. I've been told people often refer to Iowa as "Vegas East," because of all the many different gambling destinations. It appears we are starting to get a reputation!

I've been to about half of the properties here in Iowa. I live in Cedar Rapids, so the main spots my friends and I have visited are Tama, Riverside and Dubuque. I've never been to the Isle in Waterloo, but I hear it's nice.

So let me ask you, what's your favorite spot? Who has the best food and entertainment? I mean, if you're going to lose you money, you should at least have a fun doing it!

I also want you to tell me what your LEAST favorite casino is, and why. I'll go first!

  • Favorite Iowa Casino: Riverside Casino (Love the prime rib, and they book great bands and other fun entertainment.)
  • Least Favorite: Wild Rose in Clinton (Too small, not enough table games, smokey and boring.)

Comment below and we can discuss you answers!

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