It's a bit confusing, so let's try to sort it out.

The old Boston Fish Market and Restaurant on 8th Ave SE was sold a while back after decades of operations. It's currently closed and the building is getting a bricks and mortar makeover. No word yet on when the new Bostons will be ready to open.

The Boston's new owners were going to work with Lenore Zoll from the original family owners, but the two have instead chosen to take different paths.

Now, Lenore Zoll is bringing a new seafood market to Cedar Rapids called The Fish.

Lenore Zoll

Zoll is hoping to announce a new location and a grand opening sometime in 2020.

Lenore Zoll

She knows the fish biz and is currently dishing it up online for the holiday season. Her online menu offers a wide variety of delicacies picked from the sea, along with prepared seafood favorites like fresh shrimp, oysters and clam chowder.

Lenore Zoll

Lenore will join us on the KRNA Morning Show, Thursday Dec. 5 at 8:00 a.m. to update us on her progress in announcing a new location. We'll ask her the secrets of making a successful seafood market in the land locked state of Iowa, and probably tell a few tall "fish tales" "remember the time Jaymz caught a large-mouth bass..."