It's that time of year again.....nice weather, backyard BBQ's, boating, golfing, festivals and outdoor music events. And all of these things go better with one thing: A BEER!

If you're like me, you drink certain brands and flavors based on the calendar. I like something a little heavier in the winter, and lawn mowing beer in the summer. It's fun to change it up, and it's always good to try new something new!

Now that's it's almost summer, I want to know what your favorite beer is for this time of year. With all the new "crafty beers" out there, I expect to hear all kinds of different answers. Comment below, and we can discuss your answers this Friday on The KRNA Morning Show.

If you ask me, this is the official start of beer season. There's NOTHING better then skipping out of an afternoon of work and hanging with friends drinking beers at a patio bar. It's my favorite thing in the world, and I may try it today.

I look forward to your answers....CHEERS!

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