I've lived in Cedar Rapids since 1997. I moved here from Minnesota to take a job right out of college. For the most part, I really like this city. It's clean, the people are friendly and the nightlife isn't bad for a "flyover" state.

But If I could change one thing about my city...what would it be? Would I take down the traffic cameras that have crushed my bank account for the last 24 months? Would I ask the bars and restaurants to keep their kitchens open longer so I can get a steak past 9:45 in the evening?

Or how about just a few more food options that are a little different. Maybe a new seafood restaurant or a cook-your-own steak place. We had one of those years ago on the northeast side of town and it rocked!

The casino would have worked out well for the community and provided lots of jobs. We can only blame the gaming commission and the back room "gangster" deal that resulted in no casino for Cedar Rapids. Our city missed out on a great opportunity. A casino would have been huge for the city and we were REALLY close.

We definitely need more entertainment, but where does that come from? Promoters have to want to come to this market and we have to support it. We also must have a building suitable for big shows. Does the Cell Center need an upgrade or do we start from scratch? That venue is nothing like "the Well" in Des Moines or the TaxSlayer Center in the Quad Cites.

So, what do you think? If you could change one thing about "the City of Five Season" what would it be?

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