It's been a good year for concerts around here! When I say around here, I mean Cedar Rapids, Moline, Des Moines, Waterloo and even Iowa City. We may be a "flyover state," but we support live music and the artists remember that.

I want to know what YOU think was the best Rock Show of 2018. It took me a minute to remember all of the shows I attended in the last 11 months. I was fortunate to see Foreigner, Winger, Stone Temple Pilots, Bulletboys, Enuff Z Nuff, Head East and I'm sure there are a few in there I forgot!

But if I had to pick the best, I'd have to say it was the Alice Cooper show in Cedar Rapids at the Paramount Theatre. It was so cool to see a legend like Alice in such a small venue. The last time I saw that same show was in the Quad Cites at the TaxSlayer Center.

Concerts are ALWAYS better in a club or theatre. The show in Moline was cool but there was something special about that appearance in downtown Cedar Rapids. I'm guessing the band also likes a smaller show....more intimate and closer the audience.

So, tell me about your favorite concert of  2018. Comment below and we will discuss your answers this Friday on The KRNA Morning Show!

Photo: Jz
Photo: Jz

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