Hey General Mills...we only have one question..."what took you so long?"

KCRG reported today the cereal maker that creates the magically delicious Lucky Charms announced earlier this week they will begin selling bags of marshmallows in September in the iconic shapes of blue moons, yellow stars, pink hearts and green clovers.

In our household it was not uncommon to see a box of open Lucky Charms completely stripped of those tasty little marshmallow morsels long before the cereal had been consumed.

And while there has never been any video evidence of who the culprits might have been, we’ve always suspected our daughter of being the guilty one. She was always a picky eater.

Now thanks to the brilliant minds of General Mills, Lucky Charms marshmallows will be available soon on grocery store shelves.

The company is also giving away 15,000 Limited addition boxes of marshmallows only Lucky Charms cereal as part of the promotion.

That's sweet music to my ears.

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