Over 20 Government agencies in Texas have reportedly been hit with cyber attacks this weekend the same day that ABC News reported U.S. Customs computers crashed causing slowdowns and shutdowns of many vital airport operations.

It now appears that Iowa businesses and agencies are also now facing security threats.

Following news of recent computer glitches at HyVee, CBS2 News yesterday reported of a possible security breach at Virginia Gay Hospital in Vinton, saying the hospital became aware of a data breach in June when they discovered an unknown third party had access to patient records through an email account.

The hospital is stressing that there's no evidence that hackers stole any of the information while it was exposed, but they want everyone to be on the alert and to report any suspicious activity.

Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but it seems cyber crooks are getting bolder with more targeted attacks and more frequent hits.

In Iowa Cyber security is ramping up to help prevent breaches, and CBS 2 News reports municipalities like Marion are serious about beefing up their cyber security, hiring full time staffers and outside professionals to help.

What can you do to protect yourself? Here are two sites to check for starters:

Check your password to see how long it would take to crack:


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