I tell you what, there are a lot of choices this summer when it comes to concerts. You've got them in ever direction here in Iowa. But with the cost of tickets these days, you need to be choosy.

So, I want to know - what are your top three? I'll go first, and then you can comment below. I will say it's nice that we have so many choices....but there are only so many days in the summer, and never enough cash in the bank! Here we go:

  • Vince Neil, Maquoketa, Iowa. I've always been a big Motley Crue fan so I'm really pumped to see Vince Neil this year at the Jackson County Fair. The show is on Friday, July 26th. Get your tickets via this link.
  • Guns N Roses, Lincoln Nebraska. You never know when these guys may call it quits. Lincoln is just 314 miles from Cedar Rapids. I won't miss this concert on October 15! Check out the info here.
  • Peter Frampton, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I've never seen the guy & this should be a cool show. The concert will take place on July 29th at the McGrath Amphitheater. All the info is here.

Your turn! Comment below with your top three.

We can compare notes later this week on The KRNA Morning Show!

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