Let's just imagine you get to pick one night of entertainment for the 2020 Great Jones County Fair. You only get one night, and it has to be a a band or artist in the "Rock" or "Classic Rock" format.

Your budget is pretty big, but not unlimited. We don't get to choose Metallica, the Stones, Bon Jovi or Paul McCartney. It has to be an attainable act, and one that is still actively touring.

Comment below and tell us who you would book. You can also have an opening band to go along with your headliner. I'll go first, here's my line-up for 2020 at Jones County!

  • Opening act: L.A. Guns (They will play for cheap and still sound good without breaking the bank at just $3,000 per show)
  • Co-headliner: Poison (A band that still tours every couple of years with really good attendance numbers.  Not a bad price tag of around $125,000.
  • Headliner: Sammy Hagar. Sammy always brings a party and this would be a great way to end the night! He plays well with other bands, and is a good fit for this kind of an event. Price tag around $275,000. A package like this would be a for sure sell-out)

Alright, now it''s your turn! Who would you like to see play at the Great Jones County Fair in 2020?

Comment below and we will discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show!

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