There's a lot to be scared of these days, and some of it is even within the confines of our own four walls!

A website called A Secure Life took a look at the most "Googled household fear" in each state. The results were interesting.

The site evaluated the most common fears among homeowners on social media, then listed them along with any other corresponding fears through Google trends to determine their findings.

Mold is the dominant household fear in the United States, common among ten states, but not Iowa.

Here in Iowa, our biggest household fear is of the peeping tom! Scary! Especially with everything in the headlines lately.

In other midwest neighboring states, Illinois' most-searched fear is "neighborhood history", Minnesota fears "gun safety", Kansas, Missouri and Wisconsin are all in that mold-fearing category. South Dakota worries most about carbon monoxide poisoning.

What is your biggest "household fear"? You can see the rest of the results here.


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