Bob Seger is at it again. He is secretly planning something that much is for sure. But exactly what, is anyone's guess. But we do know when it will happen:

Today he posted this countdown clock on his website. Which puts the news out at 8:00 tomorrow evening.

For years fans have pestered him to remaster and reissue his early albums and singles. Sometime in the next 18 hours we will find out...

True Seger fans know there is a lot of material recorded that he has never released. He has several live tracks of original material that never made the cut on earlier albums.

My hope is he will release a remastered album Back In 72 that contains the original studio version of "Turn The Page", algon with classic cuts like "I've Been Working" and "Looking Back".

Even better would be a full Bob Seger Anthology with lost live cuts (like Brave Strangers), and unreleased tracks (like Can't Hit The Corners) plus all those early nuggets like East Side Story, and 2+2=?

Time will tell, and the clock is ticking. I promise to follow up with you on what's up with Bob, on Wednesday's KRNA morning show.

Bob Seger is scheduled to perform at the Wells Fargo Arena on November 27. Tickets are still available for that show here. 



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