Face it, we have it pretty good here in Iowa. The weather is nice, most of the time. The people are nice, most of the time too. But every now and then we just need to vent our frustrations. So when we asked you what is it that really barbecues your butt, you didn't hold back. Now here are the things that piss off most everyone in Iowa.

Driving: The number one complaint about Iowans is about our driving habits. Do you want to know what you're doing to piss everyone off? Just take a look:

Working: The next number one complaint was about working, jobs and ass-hat bosses. We've all been there, right?

People: The third complaint is about people. You know, just about every kind of people, just pissing you off in a million different ways:

So don't feel bad that you're feeling bad about the day-to-day hassles you're facing. We all sometimes let our emotions get the best of us. Just remember that forgiveness is divine. And that the best thing you can do with anger is to let it go.

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