And no, I'm not talking about cheesecake.

This ALMOST makes me want to get married. Almost.

Apparently, if you're not a huge fan of cake, getting a cake made out of cheese wheels is a real option. And what state is this becoming increasingly popular in? Our northern neighbor Wisconsin, of course! According to WKOW in Wisconsin, the idea originated in Europe and is gaining popularity in the United States. A man by the name of Ken Monteleone owns a cheese shop called Fromagination, and he told reporters, "People come in wanting cheese for their special occasion, weddings, so the more we started thinking about it, we said why not do something that creates a memorable moment for that special day." Cheese choice is essential, though, because some soft cheeses don't do well in cake-form, especially when the wedding is outdoors. These cakes aren't just stacks of cheese, either. They're actually very elegant! Check out some pictures of wedding cheese cakes from Instagram:

I've been saying for YEARS that I plan on replacing a chocolate fountain with a hot cheese fountain at my future wedding, so adding in a cake made of cheese would fit my theme very well. I'm being 100% serious when I say that I would definitely do this. I wonder if there any any places in Iowa that would be willing to whip one up...

[Via WKOW]

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