It's a hot-button issue, to say the least: teachers and faculty carrying a weapon in a school, during regular hours, with students present. A discussion where you're almost certain to find many differences of opinion.

One Iowa school district has just OK'd staff to carry weapons on school grounds, making them the second in the state to do so.

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Located in Northwest Iowa, the Cherokee School District has approved a measure that will allow some staff to carry a weapon into school. The decision came down on Monday, October 17 according to a Sioux Land News report.

Cherokee School District (Washington High School) via Google
Cherokee School District (Washington High School) via Google

The now-approved policy change states,

Weapons under the control of law enforcement officials and staff approved by an administrative team are exempt.

The Sioux Land News report says thirty-two people were in favor of the change, while 11 opposed it.

In order to be authorized to carry a firearm, proper training with the weapon is required, and only well-trained staff members will be allowed to do so.

Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash
Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

While staff and parents who attended the meeting had strong opinions, recent school shootings in the United States including Sandy Hook and Uvalde, have made firearms in school a serious topic in school districts across the country.

Located in Northwestern Iowa, the Cherokee School District is the second Northwestern Iowa district to approve weapons in schools. The first was the Spirit Lake district, they approved the change back in August.

In both districts, all staff members who gain approval to carry a weapon will be required to take part in monthly training.

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