If you're not the kind of person who liked school or you didn't want to go into debt for the rest of your life by going to college, no worries! You can still make good money by getting a job in Waterloo and surrounding areas that don't require a degree or even you stepping foot on University grounds!

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The Courier has an article siting many different jobs actively looking to hire people to work. Many jobs are available in many sectors due to the lack of new high school grads going into trade work and other high-paying jobs. College is always a great idea. However, many can't afford it, struggled in primary school, or just don't have the will to go to class for 4 years or more. These jobs are out there and many could hire you on the spot!

Photo by PTTI EDU on Unsplash
Photo by PTTI EDU on Unsplash

If you're out of work or need more money than what you're currently making, you have many options out there to choose from.

Employers all over are looking to fill many empty spots in their rosters. Jobs from being a machinist (on-the-job training),  Highway Maintenance worker, truck driver, dental lab techs, emergency service dispatcher, laborers for construction and cement, etc. The list goes on and on...

Other options that may require, at least a year or 2 of community college or at least an internship would be welders, plumbers, mechanics, and other blue-collar jobs. These jobs are mainly available because the retirees that have moved on or are soon to be retired, leave tons of available employment with high wages because there aren't enough of the younger generation willing to do the more physical, dirty jobs.

Time to get working and making a comfortable living with less debt and more opportunities!

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