Before you start to wonder or worry about where Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart is going, the answer is nowhere, at least to my knowledge. That might be not saying much...but this news is pretty exciting for Mayor Hart on a personal level and the citizens of Waterloo as a whole. Mayor Hart has officially accepted a position, to be a board member on a very selective group. This board can and likely will affect citizens on a national level.

It was announced yesterday (June-14) on the City of Waterloo's Facebook page that Mayor Hart was voted to be a part of a National Advisory Board and he's joining a pretty dang short list of United States Mayors that have been appointed.

In the first week of June, Mayor Hart attended the 91st U.S. Conference of Mayors in Ohio. Over 300 Mayors from around the country met with each other to discuss issues and share tactics on how to solve those issues and find resolutions for Mayors in the U.S. While each city may face its own unique issues, this was a fantastic opportunity for Mayors to discuss and try to problem solve.

There are a total of only 10 U.S. Mayors who were elected to the National Advisory Board, making this a very selective group Mayor Hart has been appointed.

Mayor Hart accepts this position with great humility and enthusiasm. After accepting the position he said,

It is with much humility and great enthusiasm I accept this new appointment on the United States Conference of Mayors Advisory Board. In just over seven years in office as the Mayor of Waterloo, Iowa, I have been privileged to help orchestrate a transformative time for the eighth-largest city in the state. This experience and understanding have fueled our community’s fast-paced progress and will be equally effective in the role of Advisor.


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