It's been just about one full year since Joel Fitzgerald became the Police Chief for Waterloo. In that time he's been flirting with leaving for the chief job in other cities numerous times. As this is being written, Chief Fitzgerald is in Texas where he hopes to become the new chief for the city of Austin, Texas.

Fitzgerald hs interviewed for the same position in other cities including Miami and Baltimore according to KWWL, he withdrew his name from consideration for the Baltimore job after the Baltimore Sun reported he had overstated his accomplishments on his resume.

Waterloo City Councilwoman: it's time for him Fitzgerald go

Waterloo City Councilwoman Margaret Klein, who recently announced she is running for mayor of Waterloo, is now is calling on Chief Fitzgerald to resign from his position in Waterloo. The KWWL report quotes Klein as saying,

Leadership at the Waterloo Police Department is needed now more than ever. Our community and police officers deserve a chief who is invested in the future of Waterloo

In the past year, it's been easy to be critical of Cheif Fitzgerald. Crime in Waterloo has been high with multiple shootings, and rampant voilence and he spends much of his time in Texas and has not moved his family to Waterloo.

KWWL also claims morale at the Waterloo PD has hit rock bottom, and a number of police officers have resigned since his tenure began. This also comes at a time policing in the U.S. has been under scrutiny due to allegations of racial bias. The Waterloo police department also recently retired the trademark Griffin logo.

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