Waterloo is a nice city with great people who work hard and enjoy the cities lovely scenery and bike paths. It hasn't been a good week for Waterloo. Four shootings in 14 hours from Tuesday of this week into early Wednesday. A shooting and fatality last Sunday. For residents, this is nerve-wracking news. When there are so many shootings in a short time, including in broad daylight, you want to see strong police presents keeping residents safe.

So what did residents heading East on Rainbow Dr. towards Cedar Falls see? The traffic enforcement vehicle RAMBO. Parked in a fashion residents are prohibited from parking, on the boulevard.

What is RAMBO?

For those who aren't aware, RAMBO is an unmanned traffic enforcement vehicle that sits, usually on a street, and monitors for speeders, issuing tickets to anyone going a certain speed over the limit. Its whereabouts are even the subject of a popular Facebook page. In fact, others noticed it on Rainbow Dr.

Hannah Achen/TSM
Hannah Achen/TSM

Why this RAMBO on the boulevard situation bothers me

I don't have any issues with RAMBO or the concept of photo-monitoring traffic for speed violations. It's fine and I live not too far off Rainbow Dr. and I know people speed on the road. There's also a school not too far from this location. My issue is both how it's parked and the fact it's a robot and not an actual human. Put a police officer on a side street. Show us there are human beings watching our city streets.

Let RAMBO sit on the highway where he can do some real good and, snag a lot of speeders. Don't put the SUV on the boulevard guys. It doesn't belong on a boulevard. It's a vehicle, it belongs on the street. If I parked on the boulevard, which I am aware is city property, I'd be ticked and towed. We all are told not to drive distracted. Focus on the road. This also is very distracting and while it may slow folks down, it could have easily caused an accident.


Waterloo is a great city

Waterloo is a wonderful city. This is just one guy's opinion, and it doesn't change how I feel about Waterloo, the Waterloo PD, or anything. I just think the timing was poor, and the park job was highly suspect. RAMBO was gone early the next morning, off to a new adventure (somewhere on Hwy. 63 according to the Facebook page). My hope is in the future, Mr. RAMBO can park legally, or if he chooses to visit a residential area, he can be replaced with a live, human body. Traffic enforcement vehicles don't make me feel safe.

Note: All photos were taken safely by the passenger.

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