What a week it has been. News of more Covid-19 cases, the presidential election and Halloween to top it off.

But the big one for me is always the Daylight Saving Time change. Yes it sucks, but it's also a powerful reminder for me to make a quick review of my glaring habits, and of things I need to Watch Out for.

WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES - Autumn is when my biker friends ask drivers to be extra careful. These cool fall weekends are some of the final (and finest) days to ride before the bikes get stored for the winter.

WATCH OUT FOR FARMERS - The harvesting is going well into the darker evening hours, and the haulers and big rigs are rolling slowly as always hugging the shoulder  and hoping you show proper respect and slow down.

WATCH OUT FOR CHILDREN AND SCHOOL BUSSES - Regardless of how poorly or how well we've handled the back to school issues for Fall 2020, it's smart to still be keenly aware of neighborhood kids playing outside in autumn.

WATCH OUT FOR PEDESTRIANS - KCRG reported news of a pedestrian in Cedar Rapids hit by a car in a Friday morning accident that occurred just a block south of the radio station. We send our prayers to those injured.

WATCH OUT FOR DEER - They have no idea how annoyingly dangerous they are. Heaven forbid you ever hit one, but you'd see. Deer are like toddlers handling knives, the growing herd in the Cedar Rapids city limits are frolicking around and prancing across highways, city streets and residential neighborhoods. Be alert.

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