Lord knows the world could use some good news these days. So here, at least, is a little bit of that: Jackass Forever is now on streaming.

The fourth Jackass film from director Jeff Tremaine and ringleader Johnny Knoxville premiered earlier this year in theaters to great critical acclaim (at least from me) and strong box office. (To date, the movie has grossed over $73 million worldwide.) If Jackass Forever isn’t the best Jackass movie, it’s certainly the equal of the three previous ones, even though a dozen years has passed since Jackass 3D.

Despite the fact that Knoxville and most of his core compatriots are pushing 50, Jackass Forever thankfully saw its subjects exhibiting no significant signs of maturity, good taste, or common sense. They also added a willing and very adventurous group of young new Jackasses to tackle stunts they were too old (and perhaps too brittle from decades of physical punishment) to tackle themselves.

As I wrote in my review of the film from early February...

After 120 years of cinema, it’s almost impossible to present something truly new to the moviegoing public. It’s all been done — or so it can seem until a movie like Jackass Forever comes along. When Johnny Knoxville proudly announces “We have 15 gallons of pig semen!” you know you are about to see something that has never been captured by a motion picture camera before.

While the movie played extremely well in a theater, surrounded by an appreciative crowd of laughing fans, Jackass Forever should also work just fine on streaming. Plus, at home you can fast-forward to any part you want, or rewatch the same stunt over and over again. If you’re in the mood to just watch “Danger” Ehren McGhehey test the efficacy of a variety of jockstraps under the most painful of conditions, you could theoretically watch his nards get obliterated unto infinity.

We could all use a good laugh right now, so this movie could not have hit streaming at a better time. Jackass Forever is now available on Paramount+.

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