Kicking a field goal looks a lot easier than it is. I mean, ask Ray Finkle. He was a pro and missed the game winning field goal. He tried blaming his holder, but look what happened to him in the end.


At the game between Nebraska and Michigan State, the school had a contest where they brought a fan to the field to try and win a car.

The contest was simple: kick a field goal.

He was so close, but didn't quite make it. Not only does he run really slow to the ball, but the kick is just terrible. It looks like a 3mph onside kick that any ref would throw a flag on.

Then, the poor guy puts his kicking foot down, but over-extended his step, slipped, and went down.

Not only does he not get a truck, he also becomes internet famous.

I do have to give this guy props for going on the field. If I got asked to do this, I'd probably say no. I've tried to kick a field goal twice since high school, both times I ended up looking like this poor dude, or pulling something important and walking with a limp for a few days.

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