The Friday Night Fish Fry, it's a Midwest Institution. Out for dinner anywhere around here, I'd bet 90% of the restaurants had a Friday Fish Fry.


Did you know that two of the BEST Friday Fish Fries in the good ole US are found in Wisconsin? MASHED The Midwest knows fish fries, so let's head north to find the best.

First off, let's look into the history of the Friday Fish Fry get to the roots, the beginning, and it goes back a "few" years.

The Friday night fish fry is rooted in the Catholic tradition. During Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter) the Church asks its members to refrain from eating meat on Friday (the day Jesus died) as a form of penance. Throughout the 20th century, areas, where many European Catholics settled, became synonymous with fish fries. - Mashed

So there you go, now that we know the beginnings let's eat! With a list of the 16 Best Friday Night Fish Fries in America, two different Wisconsin locations show up #1 & #2 on the list. Let's go backwards, here's #2...

  • Fitz's on the Lake,  Lodi, Wisconsin - This hot spot that is the #2 fish fry in America and is 30 minutes away from Madison.  You can order haddock or walleye one of two ways: battered and fried or breaded and baked.
  • Foxhole Lounge,  Racine, Wisconsin - A unique location for #1, it's located in the basement of the Veterans Center of the Northshore American Legion, Post #331. How awesome. This joint seats, 60. Enjoy cod, perch, or walleye at the #1 Fish Fry in America.


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