Vicky Cornell has opened up in an interview with about how she and her family are coping in the aftermath of Chris Cornell's death and she's also shared one of the late singer's handwritten love letters to her.

Scrawled in red pen, Cornell wrote to his wife, "I write this with the quivering hand that is guided by the fortunes of a heart lucky enough to know true love. My heart is a beating drum and my voice a clanging bell sounding to the world I love you. Be mine in joy, lit only by the glow of our shining love! I love you so, Chris." You can see the letter itself in the Fatherly piece.

The Cornell family have taken an active role in keeping the singer's memory alive since his 2017 death, with his children Toni and Christopher launching the Stop the Stigma initiative through the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, helping to educate teens about the science of substance use disorders.

Within the chat accompanying the letter, Vicky discussed how she approaches speaking of Chris with their children, explaining, "Chris is constantly kept in the present. We speak about him, we play his music, we share memories, we work in his legacy and I include my children in that. We continue the great charitable work that he did personally and through the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. Giving back was important to Chris and it is something we did together as a family, so we still do that and it keeps his memory and what was important to him alive."

She added that the fans have also helped by sharing their stories through social media explaining the impact that the singer had on their lives.

Speaking about the grief she continues to feel, Vicky stated, "There are certainly moments where I feel like there is no one who understands. Grief can make you feel all alone no matter how much support you have. There are moments where it consumes me and when I feel that I just find my reason — which is my kids, Toni and Christopher — and as strange as it may sound, Chris. He’s still my reason, I wouldn’t have it any other way."

She states that there's a false sense shortly after someone passes that this is a nightmare that you can wake from, but the reality has definitely set in concerning the loss of Chris. That said, she's found light through their children, adding, "They are my reason and my whole world. Watching them grow up, finding happiness and their own passions fills my heart and soul — I know Chris would be so proud of the young adults they are turning into. They are both so much like him in different ways — I see him in them every single day."

Late last year, fans were treated to a Chris Cornell covers album titled No One Sings Like You Anymore. Vicky stated in an interview last December that she expects more of the singer's work to eventually see the light of day. "All of Chris' music, including Soundgarden, will see the light of day because there's nothing in the world that lifts me [more] than sharing Chris' gifts, having people speak his name, and having his music out there," Cornell assured.

"He's alive that way and his legacy lives on," she continued. "So it's the most important thing to me, seeing how much people love him, miss him, respect him, and how much we want more of his music out there. So everything will be released."

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