Vice President Mike Pence was in the Hawkeye State over the weekend. He was part of Senator Joni Ernst's 3rd Annual "Roast and Ride" fundraiser. The event drew over 1,400 people and over 500 bikes. Money raised yesterday went to Hope for Warriors, a charity helping veterans and their families.

He may not have been on the entire 50 mile ride, but Vice President Pence did arrive on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I've nicknamed it "Ground Force 1."

The Vice President talked about a number of topics at yesterday's event, echoing the President's words from the other day when he announced that the US wouldn't be a part of the Paris Climate Accord, saying, it's "great to have a president who is more concerned with Des Moines than Denmark."

He also referenced an Iowa family, whom he met at the airport, who told him of their first person problems with Obamacare. Here's a short clip I shot with my iPhone.



I've done a lot of these events over the years. Today, I come away with these thoughts:

  • Whatever you think of the Vice President, he is an eloquent speaker and comes across as genuine and sincere
  • I had the opportunity to speak with Senator Joni Ernst for the second time in two months, and she is as Iowan as they come
  • It was hot. As a matter of fact, it was 94.1 degrees. Classic Iowa summer day. Next time, remind me to bring my sunblock. I'm feelin' it today...the Aloe vera is flowing
Photo: Larson Entertainment
Photo: Larson Entertainment



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