If the past year has left you unemployed and maybe a little flabby, the US Post Office has several job openings across Iowa that might be good fit. From rural and city routes, these current openings include several positions located here in Cedar Rapids 

According to KCRG, the reason why they need more than just a few good workers is due to an aging workforce. A quick search on the US Postal Service website shows multiple postings for a variety of jobs across Iowa.

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Mail carriers will tell you that it's demanding work, but many of these jobs offer pretty good pay and benefits. But let's be honest, you're not going to start as Postmaster General. And most of the openings require you to take a few exams.

Andrea Havig, the Human Resources Generalist for the Hawkeye District of the US Postal Service, told KCRG “a lot of our carriers are 55 and up and eligible to retire. The probability and the timeline to get into a career-level job with full-time benefits and retirement are as good as they’ve ever been.”

Mail work may not be a great choice for everyone. One essential aspect of postal work is the discipline needed to execute the duties of the job. That means following a strict set of rules. There are lots of regulations that need to be followed, and many procedures that need to be handled with exact precision.

But those who have chosen a career with the US Postal Service are usually pretty satisfied with their decision.  Who know? It may be just what you're looking for.

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