We've got a big show planned for you this Monday, April 22nd!

Two Hollywood actors are in Eastern Iowa filming a movie. We have a mutual friend, and I reached out to see of they could visit The KRNA Morning Show. They said yes, and they will appear this Monday around 8:15 a.m.

Both actors have asked me to keep their appearance a secret until right before they go on. Heck, I haven't even told Producer Mike! Just trust me, it will be a fun show and you will want to check it out.

We plan to take phone calls for the final 15 minutes of the show. The studio number is 319-365-1111. This will be the best part!

We also have Hairball tickets that we are giving away this week. Tune-in everyday at 7:30 a.m for your chance to win.

Have a great week and thanks for listening to The KRNA Morning Show!!!

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