Wow! I've never thought of house cleaning as a spectator sport....until now.

According to, you can now book a private topless cleaning service in Waterloo, Iowa.

Ironically, the ad was published to on Valentine's Day. It said: "Private topless and lingerie cleaning and adult entertaining service looking to take on new customers for 2018. Book with us now before we fill up our schedule."

Here are their prices:

  • $80 per hour for lingerie
  • $100 topless per hour
  • $175 topless for 2 hours of booking as a regular
  • 2 hour minimum on all bookings

Instead of going "topless", I booked a "normal" housekeeper this week in Cedar Rapids. In fact, that's how I found out about this service in Waterloo. She was joking about it and we both shared a laugh. Comparing prices, for two hours - I'm spending $125 to have my entire house cleaned.

I'm not sure I'm getting a great deal, but I do know my housekeeper will be fully clothed. After all, my cat doesn't need to see a half naked woman cleaning out his litter box....or does he?

The ad made sure to mention: "This is not a gimmick or escort service, there are no illegal services offered!

I'll guess I'll have to take their word on that one. I just want my house cleaned!

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