It's RAGBRAI week here in Iowa. RAGBRAI is the annual event where people rock WAY too revealing shorts, wear funny hats, and bike hundreds of miles while consuming truckloads of beer at every stop...and there are A LOT of stops!

RAGBRAI riders are very particular and sensitive about their annual party. But here are the top ten things that inquiring minds want to know:

10. What place did you get last year?

9. Did you meet Lance Armstrong?

8. Why do your biker shorts look like you are wearing a full diaper?

7. Have you ever just peed yourself instead of just stopping?

6. Is the rumor true, can it be done on a bicycle?

5. What is the true definition of road rash?

4. How long does it take to feel your ass again after RAGBRAI week?

3. Are those padded shorts or are you just happy to see me?

2. was that group shower?

1. Have you put your vacation in for next year yet?

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