One of things we love most about Cedar Rapids is  also something that may often be overlooked.

The City of Cedar Rapids is divided into four quadrants, and while there are many commonalities in each one, there is also something distinctively different and unique about each one.

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Each sector is certainly smaller than any of the five buroughs of New York City, but we are like those same busy city folks, mainly because so many of us stick to our own neighborhoods when we do venture out.

If it's been a while since you've been through the southwest area, or even if your mail has been marked "SW" for decades, we hope you enjoy checking out these 30 instantly recognizable places in our city, the Top 30 Iconic Landmarks of SW Cedar Rapids.

One thing is evident: we are tribal by nature and proud people. So it's no surprise we identify strongly with the neighborhoods we choose to call home. From the local corner lounge to the biggest factories, each one of these thirty iconic landmarks is connected by geography, and they all say "from the SW side of Cedar Rapids".

Top 30 SW Cedar Rapids Landmarks

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