Students at Coe College in Cedar Rapids woke up to some great news this morning: IT'S FLUNK DAY!

It's a tradition that's been going strong for over a 100 years. It all started back in 1911 when a group of students planned an organized skip day on campus. The day has always been in the spring, when the weather is warm.

Well, today is a perfect day for a party! It looks like a high of 74 here in Cedar Rapids. It's what I like to call "good beer drinking weather!" And beer drinking is what today is all about for these students.

You see, Flunk Day is a giant keg party. The kids will start the drinking in the morning and go all day. They will consume truckloads of booze and enjoy an epic day of fun. I've attended 3 Flunk Days....I almost didn't make it out alive one year!

But the kids deserve a break, so let them have their fun. It will business as usual tomorrow, but today will be a party. A day to chill and enjoy some great weather and cold beer.

So to all of you Coe kids, have a great day. After all, you earned it.

Let's party!

(I'm so jealous)

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