It's always a bummer to have to share local business closures. Three Cedar Rapids restaurants have recently closed their doors, one of which opened just a few months ago.

Last week, I saw a few people on Facebook asking about La Chamba Mexican Restaurant at 5001 1st Ave SE in Cedar Rapids. Eastern Iowans were a bit confused because it appeared that the restaurant had closed, but there was no official announcement at the location or on the Facebook page, which has since been deleted. The Mexican restaurant opened for business on March 10th, only four months ago.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, another Cedar Rapids restaurant to close their doors is Bostons. The seafood restaurant at 804 5th St SE announced back on May 7th that they would be closed for maintenance "until further notice," but there haven't been any updates since then. We hope that the temporary closure will come to an end in the near future.

And finally, the third restaurant that has closed, according to the Gazette, is Rosy’s Salvadoran & Mexican Restaurant. Rosy's opened at 2201 16th Ave SW in September of last year, but it closed for good earlier this month. The space has already been taken over by Olive Tree Family Restaurant, which was formerly located just down the street at 1500 20th St SW.

Even though there have been a few closures, there have been a lot more restaurant openings in 2022! You can check out a list of places that have opened in Eastern Iowa this year HERE.

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