You can never go wrong with a great treat. One favorite for many is donuts, and Sources say that a restaurant gave this donut shop a second chance, and that second life is huge as now the donuts sell out. They are even called the best in Iowa by many.

Happy woman holding donuts

The Famous Restaurant

According to "Only In Your State" this spot is not only one of the best but "This Restaurant Are So Good That They Sell Out Every Day!"

Lally’s Eastside Restaurant has become a staple in Le Mars, Iowa.

Lally’s Eastside Restaurant is one of those humble Iowa institutions that has been serving good food for so long, it usually slips under the radar. The nondescript brick building is best known for its broasted chicken – but in 2023, it quickly gained a reputation for selling the best donuts in Le Mars, Iowa!

You may be asking yourself why a restaurant is selling out of donuts. Well, the restaurant itself is so popular that it brought in the Vander Meer Bakery donuts. Now people love the food and the donuts. You can see more on their website here.

Welcome to Iowa sign

The Dream Team

Now Lally's Eastside Restaurant and Vander Meer Bakery make a great team in Iowa. There are a lot of great things to see here,

The most famous sign of the restaurant is the large chicken advertising... broasted chicken!

If you love great food or great donuts then this is the place for you.

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