From love online, to love IN line. Girls, get yourself a Joey (last name withheld)!

You could say this meet-up really hit the "bullseye". But I won't because that's cheesy.

@amberwavesofbrain Going to Target as a first date #hinge#target#firstdate♬ original sound - Amber
Could this be the most practical first date location ever? Meet Amber Smith, a 25-year-old Iowan whose story hit the New York Post, as well as her own TikTok, when she was asked out on a first date, but not to an exotic restaurant or upscale bar.
I matched with the guy [I] met on Hinge early last week, and he pitched the idea [that we go to Target], by saying, ‘It might be weird, but if it doesn’t work out between us, we’ll at least be able to get some [grocery shopping] done
It apparently took some convincing by Joey (the guy she connected with), who said a romantic (or platonic) walk in the park would be essentially the same thing, and since the weather, that day wasn't ideal for that anyway...Target.
For the record, she says she might have said no if he'd picked Wal-Mart.
amberwavesofbrain, TikTok
amberwavesofbrain, TikTok
To paraphrase Chuck Woolery, as I know you're dying to know about the outcome of this potential "Love Connection", how did the date end?  Amber said
We had a really good time. I’ve had plenty of fancy dinner dates, where you’re sitting across from someone in a nice restaurant,” she said. “But once you guys run out of things to talk about or things that you have in common, it gets really awkward.”
Exploring the aisles of Target was apparently a much more unique way to discover each other's interests, and a second date is in the works! Possibly, according to Amber, at the nearest Brass Pro Shop.

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