Tiger King is in all our minds and Joe truly had a love for those of us in Iowa. There are countless calls to Iowa in the new documentary.

One of the first references is on a map in the first episode that shows all the malls Joe had been to with his tigers. Iowa has a few points on it. In total Joe could have been up to 25 different malls in Iowa.

Another reference is shown in an early episode that shows off his music video, he drinks out of an Iowa Hawkeye mug. You can check out that music video and his other jams here.

When Joe is caught selling tigers another map is shown where people bought tigers, and Iowa shows up again… Meaning someone here may have bought an illegal tiger.

One of the lasts is a quick shot of Joe and others at the Mississippi Valley Fair ground in 2014.

The last one which has nothing to do with Joe, but is worth mentioning, one of Doc’s former “employees” lives in Ames Iowa. And when she was interviewed that’s where it took place.

Did you catch any of these references?

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