The United States Supreme Court looks close to making a decision on an issue that's been a hot-button for many states: sports betting.

A report from gambling legislation firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming has predicted the odds, so to speak, of various states enacting legalization of sports betting. Pennsylvania and Connecticut have already legalized it while Indiana and Kentucky have introduced propsals. Delaware and Missisippi are looking into their books to see if already existing laws can work as roundabout versions of legalization of sports betting.

13 states, including Nebraska and South Dakota are listed as "unlikely" to adopt new laws in favor of it, while 11 are thought to have a "good chance" of legalization.

What about Iowa? The report says it is "likely" to happen here, and in 15 other states. Casinos and state lotteries are the most likely environments to oversee the process, as states look for new sources of revenue.

I say legalize it. We do it all the time anyway, so if the state can run it in an organized, controlled environment like a casino or through a lottery and monetize it, why not?

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