What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? We are rapidly approaching one of the best, and most filling holidays of the year. I am a stuffing and green bean casserole man myself, but Thrillist recently compiled a map showing each state's favorite Thanksgiving food. It's called the "America's Plate by State Thanksgiving Breakdown", and with help from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and others, they came up with the following results.

  • Illinois: Our neighbors in Illinois love their mashed potatoes the most. Can you blame them?
  • Indiana: It's a dessert for this state, and a pretty basic one...peanut butter cookies are the preferred Thanksgiving food in the Hoosier state.
  • Michigan: When you think Thanksgiving you think, chili? Apparently so, in Michigan.
  • Minnesota: Green bean casserole is the in-demand Thanksgiving dish of our neighbors to the north.
  • Missouri: They start early on Thanksgiving in the state to the immediate south of us, where breakfast casserole is a top choice for favorite dish.
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin's favorite turkey day meal is, of all things, shrimp.

Finally, we here in Iowa along with our friends in Nebraska, know this next dish is where it's at for Thanksgiving. Pass the monkey bread! What is monkey bread? Apparently, it's like cinnamon rolls but with biscuits. I located a recipe for it and it doesn't sound too bad.

Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving foods and recipes in the comments and see the other states' choices here.Happy eating and above all, Happy Thanksgiving!

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