used Google trends to put together a list of the most searched medical symptoms in each state. The results are... interesting to say the least. Because let's face it, we 're all hypochondriacs!

The number one most searched medical symptom in Iowa isn't one of the weirder ones, it's actually one of the most common: STRESS.

According to the article, stress "is the most googled symptom in a full one-fifth of states." The top five things that cause stress in Americans are money, work, politics, the future of our country, and violence/crime.

Here are the most Googled medical symptoms for surrounding Midwest states:

  • Minnesota - "Irritable"
  • Missouri - "Stress"
  • Illinois - "Uncircumcised Problems"
  • Nebraska - "Signs of Low Testosterone"
  • South Dakota - "Headache Location Chart"
  • Wisconsin - "Light colored poop"

Check out the rest of the map HERE!

[Via Medicare Health Plans]

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