It's official...The Large Midgets are getting back together! The band made the announcement earlier this week on their official Facebook page. The "Midgets" have already booked a few gigs this summer, including a return to Uptown Friday Nights on July 21st.

The Large Midgets are a local band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and started playing gigs in 2000, and decided to call it quits 14 years later. After three years off, the band is ready to get back to work!

Steve Kappler, the lead singer of The Large Midgets, told KRNA, "I missed hanging out with the guys. I also missed the fans and the friends that would show up at our shows...this is the reason we're getting the band back together."

Steve and "Midgets" drummer, Pete, will join us on The KRNA Morning Show this Friday. We'll be talking about their upcoming summer tour, tune in at 7:30 a.m. Friday to learn more about the return of The Large Midgets!

Photo Courtesy: Large Midgets
Photo Courtesy: Large Midgets


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