The KRNA Race Report is back on the air!

Bobby Hanson will join us every Friday morning on 94.1, for his weekly report at 6:30 a.m. He will recap the upcoming races and talk about what happened last week at local tracks. His report is sponsored by our friends at the Independence Speedway.

If you have an idea for a segment on the show, comment below and we will consider your request. We plan to visit racetracks all over Eastern Iowa, and provide interviews and behind the scenes reports.

We'll also have some of the drivers join us in the studio. If you have a driver you would like us to feature, you can also comment below and add that person to the list. Let's have some fun this year!

Join us this Friday for the KRNA Race Report! It's all sponsored by the Independence Speedway.

For more information, check out our official web page.

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