I admit, I'm a cheapskate. When I hear of someone paying full price when they could easily save a few bucks, I go a little nuts.

The Cedar Rapids Beer Summit is this Saturday March 11, so NOW is the time to buy your tickets. Why? Because you save $10 if you purchase  your ticket before SATURDAY. 

Here's another cheapskate tip from fellow blogger/broadcaster Bob James:

"When you come downtown Saturday afternoon, on street parking is free. That will fill up fast. However, there's great news about parking in downtown ramps for the event. The first hour is free and after that, it's just 75 cents per hour."  And there are "two downtown ramps, literally across the street from the U.S. Cellular Center and Convention complex."

And the best cheapskate tip? Listen to Jaymz Larson on the 94.1 KRNA Morning Show at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow and Friday for a chance to call in and win 2 free passes on "Grand Larsony".

So celebrate St. Patrick's early again with us this year, at the Cedar Rapids Beer Summit. You know you want to go. Your friends are going. Be a Cheapskate. We won't judge you.

And enjoy the beer!

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